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Below are links to tutorials and courses on LangChain. For written guides on common use cases for LangChain, check out the use cases guides.

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LangChain on Wikipedia

DeepLearning.AI courses

by Harrison Chase and Andrew Ng


LangChain AI Handbook By James Briggs and Francisco Ingham

Short Tutorials

LangChain Explained in 13 Minutes | QuickStart Tutorial for Beginners by Rabbitmetrics

LangChain Crash Course: Build an AutoGPT app in 25 minutes by Nicholas Renotte

LangChain Crash Course - Build apps with language models by Patrick Loeber


LangChain for Gen AI and LLMs by James Briggs

LangChain 101 by Greg Kamradt (Data Indy)

LangChain How to and guides by Sam Witteveen

LangChain by Prompt Engineering

LangChain by Chat with data

Codebase Analysis

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