This page covers how to use the Graphsignal ecosystem to trace and monitor LangChain.

Installation and Setup#

  • Install the Python library with pip install graphsignal

  • Create free Graphsignal account here

  • Get an API key and set it as an environment variable (GRAPHSIGNAL_API_KEY)

Tracing and Monitoring#

Graphsignal automatically instruments and starts tracing and monitoring chains. Traces, metrics and errors are then available in your Graphsignal dashboard. No prompts or other sensitive data are sent to Graphsignal cloud, only statistics and metadata.

Initialize the tracer by providing a deployment name:

import graphsignal


In order to trace full runs and see a breakdown by chains and tools, you can wrap the calling routine or use a decorator:

with graphsignal.start_trace('my-chain'):"some initial text")

Optionally, enable profiling to record function-level statistics for each trace.

with graphsignal.start_trace(
        'my-chain', options=graphsignal.TraceOptions(enable_profiling=True)):"some initial text")

See the Quick Start guide for complete setup instructions.