OpenWeatherMap provides all essential weather data for a specific location:

  • Current weather

  • Minute forecast for 1 hour

  • Hourly forecast for 48 hours

  • Daily forecast for 8 days

  • National weather alerts

  • Historical weather data for 40+ years back

This page covers how to use the OpenWeatherMap API within LangChain.

Installation and Setup#

  • Install requirements with

pip install pyowm
  • Go to OpenWeatherMap and sign up for an account to get your API key here

  • Set your API key as OPENWEATHERMAP_API_KEY environment variable



There exists a OpenWeatherMapAPIWrapper utility which wraps this API. To import this utility:

from langchain.utilities.openweathermap import OpenWeatherMapAPIWrapper

For a more detailed walkthrough of this wrapper, see this notebook.


You can also easily load this wrapper as a Tool (to use with an Agent). You can do this with:

from langchain.agents import load_tools
tools = load_tools(["openweathermap-api"])

For more information on this, see this page