Wolfram Alpha#

WolframAlpha is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It answers factual queries by computing answers from externally sourced data.

This page covers how to use the Wolfram Alpha API within LangChain.

Installation and Setup#

  • Install requirements with

pip install wolframalpha
  • Go to wolfram alpha and sign up for a developer account here

  • Create an app and get your APP ID

  • Set your APP ID as an environment variable WOLFRAM_ALPHA_APPID



There exists a WolframAlphaAPIWrapper utility which wraps this API. To import this utility:

from langchain.utilities.wolfram_alpha import WolframAlphaAPIWrapper

For a more detailed walkthrough of this wrapper, see this notebook.


You can also easily load this wrapper as a Tool (to use with an Agent). You can do this with:

from langchain.agents import load_tools
tools = load_tools(["wolfram-alpha"])

For more information on this, see this page