This notebook goes over how to use the Twilio API wrapper to send a text message.


To use this tool you need to install the Python Twilio package twilio

# !pip install twilio

You’ll also need to set up a Twilio account and get your credentials. You’ll need your Account String Identifier (SID) and your Auth Token. You’ll also need a number to send messages from.

You can either pass these in to the TwilioAPIWrapper as named parameters account_sid, auth_token, from_number, or you can set the environment variables TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID, TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN, TWILIO_FROM_NUMBER.

Sending a message#

from langchain.utilities.twilio import TwilioAPIWrapper
twilio = TwilioAPIWrapper(
#     account_sid="foo",
#     auth_token="bar",
#     from_number="baz,"
)"hello world", "+16162904619")