For backwards compatiblity.

pydantic model langchain.serpapi.SerpAPIWrapper[source]#

Wrapper around SerpAPI.

To use, you should have the google-search-results python package installed, and the environment variable SERPAPI_API_KEY set with your API key, or pass serpapi_api_key as a named parameter to the constructor.


from langchain import SerpAPIWrapper
serpapi = SerpAPIWrapper()
field aiosession: Optional[aiohttp.client.ClientSession] = None#
field params: dict = {'engine': 'google', 'gl': 'us', 'google_domain': '', 'hl': 'en'}#
field serpapi_api_key: Optional[str] = None#
async arun(query: str) str[source]#

Use aiohttp to run query through SerpAPI and parse result.

get_params(query: str) Dict[str, str][source]#

Get parameters for SerpAPI.

results(query: str) dict[source]#

Run query through SerpAPI and return the raw result.

run(query: str) str[source]#

Run query through SerpAPI and parse result.