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Yuan2.0 is a new generation Fundamental Large Language Model developed by IEIT System. We have published all three models, Yuan 2.0-102B, Yuan 2.0-51B, and Yuan 2.0-2B. And we provide relevant scripts for pretraining, fine-tuning, and inference services for other developers. Yuan2.0 is based on Yuan1.0, utilizing a wider range of high-quality pre training data and instruction fine-tuning datasets to enhance the model's understanding of semantics, mathematics, reasoning, code, knowledge, and other aspects.

This example goes over how to use LangChain to interact with Yuan2.0(2B/51B/102B) Inference for text generation.

Yuan2.0 set up an inference service so user just need request the inference api to get result, which is introduced in Yuan2.0 Inference-Server.

from langchain.chains import LLMChain
from langchain_community.llms.yuan2 import Yuan2

API Reference:

# default infer_api for a local deployed Yuan2.0 inference server
infer_api = ""

# direct access endpoint in a proxied environment
# import os
# os.environ["no_proxy"]="localhost,,::1"

yuan_llm = Yuan2(

# turn on use_history only when you want the Yuan2.0 to keep track of the conversation history
# and send the accumulated context to the backend model api, which make it stateful. By default it is stateless.
# llm.use_history = True
question = "请介绍一下中国。"

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