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Infino is an open-source observability platform that stores both metrics and application logs together.

Key features of Infino include:

  • Metrics Tracking: Capture time taken by LLM model to handle request, errors, number of tokens, and costing indication for the particular LLM.
  • Data Tracking: Log and store prompt, request, and response data for each LangChain interaction.
  • Graph Visualization: Generate basic graphs over time, depicting metrics such as request duration, error occurrences, token count, and cost.

Installation and Setup​

First, you'll need to install the infinopy Python package as follows:

pip install infinopy

If you already have an Infino Server running, then you're good to go; but if you don't, follow the next steps to start it:

  • Make sure you have Docker installed
  • Run the following in your terminal:
    docker run --rm --detach --name infino-example -p 3000:3000 infinohq/infino:latest

Using Infino​

See a usage example of InfinoCallbackHandler.

from langchain.callbacks import InfinoCallbackHandler

API Reference:

Help us out by providing feedback on this documentation page: