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ERNIE-Bot is a large language model developed by Baidu, covering a huge amount of Chinese data. This notebook covers how to get started with ErnieBot chat models.

Note: We recommend users using this class to switch to Baidu Qianfan. they are 3 why we recommend users to use QianfanChatEndpoint: 1. QianfanChatEndpoint support more LLM in the Qianfan platform. 2. QianfanChatEndpoint support streaming mode. 3. QianfanChatEndpoint support function calling usgage.

Some tips for migration: - change ernie_client_id to qianfan_ak, also change ernie_client_secret to qianfan_sk. - install qianfan package. pip install qianfan

from langchain.chat_models import ErnieBotChat
from langchain.schema import HumanMessage
chat = ErnieBotChat(
ernie_client_id="YOUR_CLIENT_ID", ernie_client_secret="YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"

or you can set client_id and client_secret in your environment variables

chat([HumanMessage(content="hello there, who are you?")])
AIMessage(content='Hello, I am an artificial intelligence language model. My purpose is to help users answer questions or provide information. What can I do for you?', additional_kwargs={}, example=False)