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SparkLLM Chat

SparkLLM chat models API by iFlyTek. For more information, see iFlyTek Open Platform.

Basic use​

"""For basic init and call"""
from langchain_community.chat_models import ChatSparkLLM
from langchain_core.messages import HumanMessage

chat = ChatSparkLLM(
spark_app_id="<app_id>", spark_api_key="<api_key>", spark_api_secret="<api_secret>"
message = HumanMessage(content="Hello")
  • Get SparkLLM’s app_id, api_key and api_secret from iFlyTek SparkLLM API Console (for more info, see iFlyTek SparkLLM Intro ), then set environment variables IFLYTEK_SPARK_APP_ID, IFLYTEK_SPARK_API_KEY and IFLYTEK_SPARK_API_SECRET or pass parameters when creating ChatSparkLLM as the demo above.

For ChatSparkLLM with Streaming​

chat = ChatSparkLLM(streaming=True)
for chunk in"Hello!"):
print(chunk.content, end="")