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This notebook goes over how to use Langchain with YandexGPT chat model.

To use, you should have the yandexcloud python package installed.

%pip install yandexcloud

First, you should create service account with the ai.languageModels.user role.

Next, you have two authentication options: - IAM token. You can specify the token in a constructor parameter iam_token or in an environment variable YC_IAM_TOKEN. - API key You can specify the key in a constructor parameter api_key or in an environment variable YC_API_KEY.

from langchain.chat_models import ChatYandexGPT
from langchain.schema import HumanMessage, SystemMessage
chat_model = ChatYandexGPT()
answer = chat_model(
content="You are a helpful assistant that translates English to French."
HumanMessage(content="I love programming."),
AIMessage(content="Je t'aime programmer.")