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Azure Document Intelligence

Azure Document Intelligence (formerly known as Azure Forms Recognizer) is machine-learning based service that extracts text (including handwriting), tables or key-value-pairs from scanned documents or images.

This current implementation of a loader using Document Intelligence is able to incorporate content page-wise and turn it into LangChain documents.

Document Intelligence supports PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF.

Further documentation is available at

%pip install langchain azure-ai-formrecognizer -q

Example 1

The first example uses a local file which will be sent to Azure Document Intelligence.

First, an instance of a DocumentAnalysisClient is created with endpoint and key for the Azure service.

from import DocumentAnalysisClient
from azure.core.credentials import AzureKeyCredential

document_analysis_client = DocumentAnalysisClient(
endpoint="<service_endpoint>", credential=AzureKeyCredential("<service_key>")

With the initialized document analysis client, we can proceed to create an instance of the DocumentIntelligenceLoader:

from langchain.document_loaders.pdf import DocumentIntelligenceLoader

loader = DocumentIntelligenceLoader(
"<Local_filename>", client=document_analysis_client, model="<model_name>"
) # e.g. prebuilt-document

documents = loader.load()

The output contains each page of the source document as a LangChain document:

[Document(page_content='...', metadata={'source': '...', 'page': 1})]