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LarkSuite (FeiShu)

LarkSuite is an enterprise collaboration platform developed by ByteDance.

This notebook covers how to load data from the LarkSuite REST API into a format that can be ingested into LangChain, along with example usage for text summarization.

The LarkSuite API requires an access token (tenant_access_token or user_access_token), checkout LarkSuite open platform document for API details.

from getpass import getpass
from langchain.document_loaders.larksuite import LarkSuiteDocLoader

DOMAIN = input("larksuite domain")
ACCESS_TOKEN = getpass("larksuite tenant_access_token or user_access_token")
DOCUMENT_ID = input("larksuite document id")

API Reference:

from pprint import pprint

larksuite_loader = LarkSuiteDocLoader(DOMAIN, ACCESS_TOKEN, DOCUMENT_ID)
docs = larksuite_loader.load()

    [Document(page_content='Test Doc\nThis is a Test Doc\n\n1\n2\n3\n\n', metadata={'document_id': 'V76kdbd2HoBbYJxdiNNccajunPf', 'revision_id': 11, 'title': 'Test Doc'})]
# see for more details
from langchain.chains.summarize import load_summarize_chain

chain = load_summarize_chain(llm, chain_type="map_reduce")

API Reference: