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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program by Microsoft.

This covers how to load Microsoft PowerPoint documents into a document format that we can use downstream.

from langchain.document_loaders import UnstructuredPowerPointLoader
loader = UnstructuredPowerPointLoader("example_data/fake-power-point.pptx")
data = loader.load()
[Document(page_content='Adding a Bullet Slide\n\nFind the bullet slide layout\n\nUse _TextFrame.text for first bullet\n\nUse _TextFrame.add_paragraph() for subsequent bullets\n\nHere is a lot of text!\n\nHere is some text in a text box!', metadata={'source': 'example_data/fake-power-point.pptx'})]

Retain Elements​

Under the hood, Unstructured creates different β€œelements” for different chunks of text. By default we combine those together, but you can easily keep that separation by specifying mode="elements".

loader = UnstructuredPowerPointLoader(
"example_data/fake-power-point.pptx", mode="elements"
data = loader.load()
Document(page_content='Adding a Bullet Slide', lookup_str='', metadata={'source': 'example_data/fake-power-point.pptx'}, lookup_index=0)