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Argilla - Open-source data platform for LLMs

Argilla is an open-source data curation platform for LLMs. Using Argilla, everyone can build robust language models through faster data curation using both human and machine feedback. We provide support for each step in the MLOps cycle, from data labelling to model monitoring.

Installation and Setup​

First, you'll need to install the argilla Python package as follows:

pip install argilla --upgrade

If you already have an Argilla Server running, then you're good to go; but if you don't, follow the next steps to install it.

If you don't you can refer to Argilla - πŸš€ Quickstart to deploy Argilla either on HuggingFace Spaces, locally, or on a server.


See a usage example of ArgillaCallbackHandler.

from langchain.callbacks import ArgillaCallbackHandler