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BREEBS (Open Knowledge)

BREEBS is an open collaborative knowledge platform. Anybody can create a Breeb, a knowledge capsule based on PDFs stored on a Google Drive folder. A breeb can be used by any LLM/chatbot to improve its expertise, reduce hallucinations and give access to sources. Behind the scenes, Breebs implements several Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models to seamlessly provide useful context at each iteration.

List of available Breebs​

To get the full list of Breebs, including their key (breeb_key) and description :
Dozens of Breebs have already been created by the community and are freely available for use. They cover a wide range of expertise, from organic chemistry to mythology, as well as tips on seduction and decentralized finance.

Creating a new Breeb​

To generate a new Breeb, simply compile PDF files in a publicly shared Google Drive folder and initiate the creation process on the BREEBS website by clicking the "Create Breeb" button. You can currently include up to 120 files, with a total character limit of 15 million.


from langchain.retrievers import BreebsRetriever


See usage example (Retrieval & ConversationalRetrievalChain)