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Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage Alpha Vantage provides realtime and historical financial market data through a set of powerful and developer-friendly data APIs and spreadsheets.

Use the AlphaVantageAPIWrapper to get currency exchange rates.

import getpass
import os

os.environ["ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY"] = getpass.getpass()
from langchain.utilities.alpha_vantage import AlphaVantageAPIWrapper
alpha_vantage = AlphaVantageAPIWrapper()"USD", "JPY")
{'1. From_Currency Code': 'USD',
'2. From_Currency Name': 'United States Dollar',
'3. To_Currency Code': 'JPY',
'4. To_Currency Name': 'Japanese Yen',
'5. Exchange Rate': '144.93000000',
'6. Last Refreshed': '2023-08-11 21:31:01',
'7. Time Zone': 'UTC',
'8. Bid Price': '144.92600000',
'9. Ask Price': '144.93400000'}