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CoNLL-U is revised version of the CoNLL-X format. Annotations are encoded in plain text files (UTF-8, normalized to NFC, using only the LF character as line break, including an LF character at the end of file) with three types of lines:

  • Word lines containing the annotation of a word/token in 10 fields separated by single tab characters; see below.
  • Blank lines marking sentence boundaries.
  • Comment lines starting with hash (#).

This is an example of how to load a file in CoNLL-U format. The whole file is treated as one document. The example data (conllu.conllu) is based on one of the standard UD/CoNLL-U examples.

from langchain_community.document_loaders import CoNLLULoader

API Reference:

loader = CoNLLULoader("example_data/conllu.conllu")
document = loader.load()
[Document(page_content='They buy and sell books.', metadata={'source': 'example_data/conllu.conllu'})]

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