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Fauna is a Document Database.

Query Fauna documents

%pip install --upgrade --quiet  fauna

Query data example

from langchain_community.document_loaders.fauna import FaunaLoader

secret = "<enter-valid-fauna-secret>"
query = "Item.all()" # Fauna query. Assumes that the collection is called "Item"
field = "text" # The field that contains the page content. Assumes that the field is called "text"

loader = FaunaLoader(query, field, secret)
docs = loader.lazy_load()

for value in docs:

API Reference:

Query with Pagination

You get a after value if there are more data. You can get values after the curcor by passing in the after string in query.

To learn more following this link

query = """
Item.paginate("hs+DzoPOg ... aY1hOohozrV7A")
loader = FaunaLoader(query, field, secret)

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