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Baichuan Text Embeddings

As of today (Jan 25th, 2024) BaichuanTextEmbeddings ranks #1 in C-MTEB (Chinese Multi-Task Embedding Benchmark) leaderboard.

Leaderboard (Under Overall -> Chinese section):

Official Website:

An API key is required to use this embedding model. You can get one by registering at

BaichuanTextEmbeddings support 512 token window and preduces vectors with 1024 dimensions.

Please NOTE that BaichuanTextEmbeddings only supports Chinese text embedding. Multi-language support is coming soon.

from langchain_community.embeddings import BaichuanTextEmbeddings

embeddings = BaichuanTextEmbeddings(baichuan_api_key="sk-*")

Alternatively, you can set API key this way:

import os

text_1 = "今天天气不错"
text_2 = "今天阳光很好"

query_result = embeddings.embed_query(text_1)
doc_result = embeddings.embed_documents([text_1, text_2])

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