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BGE on Hugging Face

BGE models on the HuggingFace are the best open-source embedding models. BGE model is created by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI). BAAI is a private non-profit organization engaged in AI research and development.

This notebook shows how to use BGE Embeddings through Hugging Face

%pip install --upgrade --quiet  sentence_transformers
from langchain_community.embeddings import HuggingFaceBgeEmbeddings

model_name = "BAAI/bge-small-en"
model_kwargs = {"device": "cpu"}
encode_kwargs = {"normalize_embeddings": True}
hf = HuggingFaceBgeEmbeddings(
model_name=model_name, model_kwargs=model_kwargs, encode_kwargs=encode_kwargs
embedding = hf.embed_query("hi this is harrison")

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