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How to pass tool outputs to the model


This guide assumes familiarity with the following concepts:

If we're using the model-generated tool invocations to actually call tools and want to pass the tool results back to the model, we can do so using ToolMessages and ToolCalls. First, let's define our tools and our model.

from import tool

def add(a: int, b: int) -> int:
"""Adds a and b."""
return a + b

def multiply(a: int, b: int) -> int:
"""Multiplies a and b."""
return a * b

tools = [add, multiply]
API Reference:tool
import os
from getpass import getpass

from langchain_openai import ChatOpenAI

os.environ["OPENAI_API_KEY"] = getpass()

llm = ChatOpenAI(model="gpt-3.5-turbo-0125", temperature=0)
llm_with_tools = llm.bind_tools(tools)
API Reference:ChatOpenAI

The nice thing about Tools is that if we invoke them with a ToolCall, we'll automatically get back a ToolMessage that can be fed back to the model:

Requires langchain-core >= 0.2.19

This functionality was added in langchain-core == 0.2.19. Please make sure your package is up to date.

from langchain_core.messages import HumanMessage, ToolMessage

query = "What is 3 * 12? Also, what is 11 + 49?"

messages = [HumanMessage(query)]
ai_msg = llm_with_tools.invoke(messages)
for tool_call in ai_msg.tool_calls:
selected_tool = {"add": add, "multiply": multiply}[tool_call["name"].lower()]
tool_msg = selected_tool.invoke(tool_call)
API Reference:HumanMessage | ToolMessage
[HumanMessage(content='What is 3 * 12? Also, what is 11 + 49?'),
AIMessage(content='', additional_kwargs={'tool_calls': [{'id': 'call_Smg3NHJNxrKfAmd4f9GkaYn3', 'function': {'arguments': '{"a": 3, "b": 12}', 'name': 'multiply'}, 'type': 'function'}, {'id': 'call_55K1C0DmH6U5qh810gW34xZ0', 'function': {'arguments': '{"a": 11, "b": 49}', 'name': 'add'}, 'type': 'function'}]}, response_metadata={'token_usage': {'completion_tokens': 49, 'prompt_tokens': 88, 'total_tokens': 137}, 'model_name': 'gpt-3.5-turbo-0125', 'system_fingerprint': None, 'finish_reason': 'tool_calls', 'logprobs': None}, id='run-56657feb-96dd-456c-ab8e-1857eab2ade0-0', tool_calls=[{'name': 'multiply', 'args': {'a': 3, 'b': 12}, 'id': 'call_Smg3NHJNxrKfAmd4f9GkaYn3', 'type': 'tool_call'}, {'name': 'add', 'args': {'a': 11, 'b': 49}, 'id': 'call_55K1C0DmH6U5qh810gW34xZ0', 'type': 'tool_call'}], usage_metadata={'input_tokens': 88, 'output_tokens': 49, 'total_tokens': 137}),
ToolMessage(content='36', name='multiply', tool_call_id='call_Smg3NHJNxrKfAmd4f9GkaYn3'),
ToolMessage(content='60', name='add', tool_call_id='call_55K1C0DmH6U5qh810gW34xZ0')]
AIMessage(content='3 * 12 is 36 and 11 + 49 is 60.', response_metadata={'token_usage': {'completion_tokens': 18, 'prompt_tokens': 153, 'total_tokens': 171}, 'model_name': 'gpt-3.5-turbo-0125', 'system_fingerprint': None, 'finish_reason': 'stop', 'logprobs': None}, id='run-ba5032f0-f773-406d-a408-8314e66511d0-0', usage_metadata={'input_tokens': 153, 'output_tokens': 18, 'total_tokens': 171})

Note that we pass back the same id in the ToolMessage as the what we receive from the model in order to help the model match tool responses with tool calls.

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