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ERNIE-Bot is a large language model developed by Baidu, covering a huge amount of Chinese data. This notebook covers how to get started with ErnieBot chat models.

Deprecated Warning

We recommend users using langchain_community.chat_models.ErnieBotChat to use langchain_community.chat_models.QianfanChatEndpoint instead.

documentation for QianfanChatEndpoint is here.

they are 4 why we recommend users to use QianfanChatEndpoint:

  1. QianfanChatEndpoint support more LLM in the Qianfan platform.
  2. QianfanChatEndpoint support streaming mode.
  3. QianfanChatEndpoint support function calling usgage.
  4. ErnieBotChat is lack of maintenance and deprecated.

Some tips for migration:

  • change ernie_client_id to qianfan_ak, also change ernie_client_secret to qianfan_sk.
  • install qianfan package. like pip install qianfan
  • change ErnieBotChat to QianfanChatEndpoint.
from langchain_community.chat_models.baidu_qianfan_endpoint import QianfanChatEndpoint

chat = QianfanChatEndpoint(
qianfan_ak="your qianfan ak",
qianfan_sk="your qianfan sk",
API Reference:QianfanChatEndpoint


from langchain_community.chat_models import ErnieBotChat
from langchain_core.messages import HumanMessage

chat = ErnieBotChat(
ernie_client_id="YOUR_CLIENT_ID", ernie_client_secret="YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"
API Reference:ErnieBotChat | HumanMessage

or you can set client_id and client_secret in your environment variables

chat([HumanMessage(content="hello there, who are you?")])
AIMessage(content='Hello, I am an artificial intelligence language model. My purpose is to help users answer questions or provide information. What can I do for you?', additional_kwargs={}, example=False)

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