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Tencent COS Directory

Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service that enables you to store any amount of data from anywhere via HTTP/HTTPS protocols. COS has no restrictions on data structure or format. It also has no bucket size limit and partition management, making it suitable for virtually any use case, such as data delivery, data processing, and data lakes. COS provides a web-based console, multi-language SDKs and APIs, command line tool, and graphical tools. It works well with Amazon S3 APIs, allowing you to quickly access community tools and plugins.

This covers how to load document objects from a Tencent COS Directory.

%pip install --upgrade --quiet  cos-python-sdk-v5
from langchain_community.document_loaders import TencentCOSDirectoryLoader
from qcloud_cos import CosConfig
conf = CosConfig(
Region="your cos region",
SecretId="your cos secret_id",
SecretKey="your cos secret_key",
loader = TencentCOSDirectoryLoader(conf=conf, bucket="you_cos_bucket")

Specifying a prefix

You can also specify a prefix for more finegrained control over what files to load.

loader = TencentCOSDirectoryLoader(conf=conf, bucket="you_cos_bucket", prefix="fake")

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