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Slack is an instant messaging program.

This notebook covers how to load documents from a Zipfile generated from a Slack export.

In order to get this Slack export, follow these instructions:

🧑 Instructions for ingesting your own dataset

Export your Slack data. You can do this by going to your Workspace Management page and clicking the Import/Export option ({your_slack_domain} Then, choose the right date range and click Start export. Slack will send you an email and a DM when the export is ready.

The download will produce a .zip file in your Downloads folder (or wherever your downloads can be found, depending on your OS configuration).

Copy the path to the .zip file, and assign it as LOCAL_ZIPFILE below.

from langchain_community.document_loaders import SlackDirectoryLoader
API Reference:SlackDirectoryLoader
# Optionally set your Slack URL. This will give you proper URLs in the docs sources.
LOCAL_ZIPFILE = "" # Paste the local paty to your Slack zip file here.

loader = SlackDirectoryLoader(LOCAL_ZIPFILE, SLACK_WORKSPACE_URL)
docs = loader.load()

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