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TileDB is a powerful engine for indexing and querying dense and sparse multi-dimensional arrays.

TileDB offers ANN search capabilities using the TileDB-Vector-Search module. It provides serverless execution of ANN queries and storage of vector indexes both on local disk and cloud object stores (i.e. AWS S3).

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This notebook shows how to use the TileDB vector database.

%pip install --upgrade --quiet  tiledb-vector-search langchain-community

Basic Example

from langchain_community.document_loaders import TextLoader
from langchain_community.vectorstores import TileDB
from langchain_huggingface import HuggingFaceEmbeddings
from langchain_text_splitters import CharacterTextSplitter

raw_documents = TextLoader("../../how_to/state_of_the_union.txt").load()
text_splitter = CharacterTextSplitter(chunk_size=1000, chunk_overlap=0)
documents = text_splitter.split_documents(raw_documents)
embeddings = HuggingFaceEmbeddings()
db = TileDB.from_documents(
documents, embeddings, index_uri="/tmp/tiledb_index", index_type="FLAT"
query = "What did the president say about Ketanji Brown Jackson"
docs = db.similarity_search(query)

Similarity search by vector

embedding_vector = embeddings.embed_query(query)
docs = db.similarity_search_by_vector(embedding_vector)

Similarity search with score

docs_and_scores = db.similarity_search_with_score(query)

Maximal Marginal Relevance Search (MMR)

In addition to using similarity search in the retriever object, you can also use mmr as retriever.

retriever = db.as_retriever(search_type="mmr")

Or use max_marginal_relevance_search directly:

db.max_marginal_relevance_search(query, k=2, fetch_k=10)

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