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Golden Query

Golden provides a set of natural language APIs for querying and enrichment using the Golden Knowledge Graph e.g. queries such as: Products from OpenAI, Generative ai companies with series a funding, and rappers who invest can be used to retrieve structured data about relevant entities.

The golden-query langchain tool is a wrapper on top of the Golden Query API which enables programmatic access to these results. See the Golden Query API docs for more information.

This notebook goes over how to use the golden-query tool.

import os

os.environ["GOLDEN_API_KEY"] = ""
from langchain_community.utilities.golden_query import GoldenQueryAPIWrapper
API Reference:GoldenQueryAPIWrapper
golden_query = GoldenQueryAPIWrapper()
import json

json.loads("companies in nanotech"))
{'results': [{'id': 4673886,
'latestVersionId': 60276991,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Samsung', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 7008,
'latestVersionId': 61087416,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Intel', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 24193,
'latestVersionId': 60274482,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Texas Instruments', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 1142,
'latestVersionId': 61406205,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Advanced Micro Devices', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 193948,
'latestVersionId': 58326582,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Freescale Semiconductor', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 91316,
'latestVersionId': 60387380,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Agilent Technologies', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 90014,
'latestVersionId': 60388078,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Novartis', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 237458,
'latestVersionId': 61406160,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'Analog Devices', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 3941943,
'latestVersionId': 60382250,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'AbbVie Inc.', 'citations': []}]}]},
{'id': 4178762,
'latestVersionId': 60542667,
'properties': [{'predicateId': 'name',
'instances': [{'value': 'IBM', 'citations': []}]}]}],
'next': '',
'previous': None}

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