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LASER Language-Agnostic SEntence Representations Embeddings by Meta AI

LASER is a Python library developed by the Meta AI Research team and used for creating multilingual sentence embeddings for over 147 languages as of 2/25/2024


To use LaserEmbed with LangChain, install the laser_encoders Python package.

%pip install laser_encoders


from langchain_community.embeddings.laser import LaserEmbeddings
API Reference:LaserEmbeddings

Instantiating Laserโ€‹


  • lang: Optional[str]
    >If empty will default
    to using a multilingual LASER encoder model (called "laser2").
    You can find the list of supported languages and lang_codes [here](
    and [here](
# Ex Instantiationz
embeddings = LaserEmbeddings(lang="eng_Latn")


Generating document embeddingsโ€‹

document_embeddings = embeddings.embed_documents(
["This is a sentence", "This is some other sentence"]

Generating query embeddingsโ€‹

query_embeddings = embeddings.embed_query("This is a query")

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