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This notebook that shows how to use Infobip API wrapper to send SMS messages, emails.

Infobip provides many services, but this notebook will focus on SMS and Email services. You can find more information about the API and other channels here.


To use this tool you need to have an Infobip account. You can create free trial account.

InfobipAPIWrapper uses name parameters where you can provide credentials:

  • infobip_api_key - API Key that you can find in your developer tools
  • infobip_base_url - Base url for Infobip API. You can use default value

You can also provide infobip_api_key and infobip_base_url as environment variables INFOBIP_API_KEY and INFOBIP_BASE_URL.

Sending a SMS

from langchain_community.utilities.infobip import InfobipAPIWrapper

infobip: InfobipAPIWrapper = InfobipAPIWrapper()
text="Hello, World!",
API Reference:InfobipAPIWrapper

Sending a Email

from langchain_community.utilities.infobip import InfobipAPIWrapper

infobip: InfobipAPIWrapper = InfobipAPIWrapper()
API Reference:InfobipAPIWrapper

How to use it inside an Agent

from langchain import hub
from langchain.agents import AgentExecutor, create_openai_functions_agent
from langchain_community.utilities.infobip import InfobipAPIWrapper
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import BaseModel, Field
from import StructuredTool
from langchain_openai import ChatOpenAI

instructions = "You are a coding teacher. You are teaching a student how to code. The student asks you a question. You answer the question."
base_prompt = hub.pull("langchain-ai/openai-functions-template")
prompt = base_prompt.partial(instructions=instructions)
llm = ChatOpenAI(temperature=0)

class EmailInput(BaseModel):
body: str = Field(description="Email body text")
to: str = Field(description="Email address to send to. Example:")
sender: str = Field(
description="Email address to send from, must be ''"
subject: str = Field(description="Email subject")
channel: str = Field(description="Email channel, must be 'email'")

infobip_api_wrapper: InfobipAPIWrapper = InfobipAPIWrapper()
infobip_tool = StructuredTool.from_function(
description="Send Email via Infobip. If you need to send email, use infobip_email",,
tools = [infobip_tool]

agent = create_openai_functions_agent(llm, tools, prompt)
agent_executor = AgentExecutor(

"input": "Hi, can you please send me an example of Python recursion to my email"
> Entering new AgentExecutor chain...

Invoking: `infobip_email` with `{'body': 'Hi,\n\nHere is a simple example of a recursive function in Python:\n\n```\ndef factorial(n):\n if n == 1:\n return 1\n else:\n return n * factorial(n-1)\n```\n\nThis function calculates the factorial of a number. The factorial of a number is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to that number. The function calls itself with a smaller argument until it reaches the base case where n equals 1.\n\nBest,\nCoding Teacher', 'to': '', 'sender': '', 'subject': 'Python Recursion Example', 'channel': 'email'}`

I have sent an example of Python recursion to your email. Please check your inbox.

> Finished chain.

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