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Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury simplifies complex payment operations. It is a unified platform to power products and processes that move money.

  • Connect to banks and payment systems
  • Track transactions and balances in real-time
  • Automate payment operations for scale

This notebook covers how to load data from the Modern Treasury REST API into a format that can be ingested into LangChain, along with example usage for vectorization.

from langchain.indexes import VectorstoreIndexCreator
from langchain_community.document_loaders import ModernTreasuryLoader

The Modern Treasury API requires an organization ID and API key, which can be found in the Modern Treasury dashboard within developer settings.

This document loader also requires a resource option which defines what data you want to load.

Following resources are available:

payment_orders Documentation

expected_payments Documentation

returns Documentation

incoming_payment_details Documentation

counterparties Documentation

internal_accounts Documentation

external_accounts Documentation

transactions Documentation

ledgers Documentation

ledger_accounts Documentation

ledger_transactions Documentation

events Documentation

invoices Documentation

modern_treasury_loader = ModernTreasuryLoader("payment_orders")
# Create a vectorstore retriever from the loader
# see for more details

index = VectorstoreIndexCreator().from_loaders([modern_treasury_loader])
modern_treasury_doc_retriever = index.vectorstore.as_retriever()

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