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HuggingFace Hub Tools

Huggingface Tools that supporting text I/O can be loaded directly using the load_huggingface_tool function.

# Requires transformers>=4.29.0 and huggingface_hub>=0.14.1
%pip install --upgrade --quiet transformers huggingface_hub > /dev/null
%pip install --upgrade --quiet  langchain-community
from langchain.agents import load_huggingface_tool

tool = load_huggingface_tool("lysandre/hf-model-downloads")

print(f"{}: {tool.description}")
API Reference:load_huggingface_tool
model_download_counter: This is a tool that returns the most downloaded model of a given task on the Hugging Face Hub. It takes the name of the category (such as text-classification, depth-estimation, etc), and returns the name of the checkpoint"text-classification")

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