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YouTube Search package searches YouTube videos avoiding using their heavily rate-limited API.

It uses the form on the YouTube homepage and scrapes the resulting page.

This notebook shows how to use a tool to search YouTube.

Adapted from

%pip install --upgrade --quiet  youtube_search
from import YouTubeSearchTool
API Reference:YouTubeSearchTool
tool = YouTubeSearchTool()"lex friedman")
"['/watch?v=VcVfceTsD0A&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu', '/watch?v=gPfriiHBBek&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu']"

You can also specify the number of results that are returned"lex friedman,5")
"['/watch?v=VcVfceTsD0A&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu', '/watch?v=YVJ8gTnDC4Y&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu', '/watch?v=Udh22kuLebg&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu', '/watch?v=gPfriiHBBek&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu', '/watch?v=L_Guz73e6fw&pp=ygUMbGV4IGZyaWVkbWFu']"

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