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Cassandra is a NoSQL, row-oriented, highly scalable and highly available database.Starting with version 5.0, the database ships with vector search capabilities.


The Cassandra Document Loader returns a list of Langchain Documents from a Cassandra database.

You must either provide a CQL query or a table name to retrieve the documents. The Loader takes the following parameters:

  • table: (Optional) The table to load the data from.
  • session: (Optional) The cassandra driver session. If not provided, the cassio resolved session will be used.
  • keyspace: (Optional) The keyspace of the table. If not provided, the cassio resolved keyspace will be used.
  • query: (Optional) The query used to load the data.
  • page_content_mapper: (Optional) a function to convert a row to string page content. The default converts the row to JSON.
  • metadata_mapper: (Optional) a function to convert a row to metadata dict.
  • query_parameters: (Optional) The query parameters used when calling session.execute .
  • query_timeout: (Optional) The query timeout used when calling session.execute .
  • query_custom_payload: (Optional) The query custom_payload used when calling session.execute.
  • query_execution_profile: (Optional) The query execution_profile used when calling session.execute.
  • query_host: (Optional) The query host used when calling session.execute.
  • query_execute_as: (Optional) The query execute_as used when calling session.execute.

Load documents with the Document Loader

from langchain_community.document_loaders import CassandraLoader
API Reference:CassandraLoader

Init from a cassandra driver Session

You need to create a cassandra.cluster.Session object, as described in the Cassandra driver documentation. The details vary (e.g. with network settings and authentication), but this might be something like:

from cassandra.cluster import Cluster

cluster = Cluster()
session = cluster.connect()

You need to provide the name of an existing keyspace of the Cassandra instance:


Creating the document loader:

loader = CassandraLoader(
docs = loader.load()
Document(page_content='Row(_id=\'659bdffa16cbc4586b11a423\', title=\'Dangerous Men\', reviewtext=\'"Dangerous Men,"  the picture\\\'s production notes inform, took 26 years to reach the big screen. After having seen it, I wonder: What was the rush?\')', metadata={'table': 'movie_reviews', 'keyspace': 'default_keyspace'})

Init from cassio

It's also possible to use cassio to configure the session and keyspace.

import cassio

cassio.init(contact_points="", keyspace=CASSANDRA_KEYSPACE)

loader = CassandraLoader(

docs = loader.load()

Attribution statement

Apache Cassandra, Cassandra and Apache are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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