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Google Imagen

Imagen on Vertex AI brings Google's state of the art image generative AI capabilities to application developers. With Imagen on Vertex AI, application developers can build next-generation AI products that transform their user's imagination into high quality visual assets using AI generation, in seconds.

With Imagen on Langchain , You can do the following tasks

Image Generation

Generate novel images using only a text prompt (text-to-image AI generation)

from langchain_core.messages import AIMessage, HumanMessage
from langchain_google_vertexai.vision_models import VertexAIImageGeneratorChat
API Reference:AIMessage | HumanMessage
# Create Image Gentation model Object
generator = VertexAIImageGeneratorChat()
messages = [HumanMessage(content=["a cat at the beach"])]
response = generator.invoke(messages)
# To view the generated Image
generated_image = response.content[0]
import base64
import io

from PIL import Image

# Parse response object to get base64 string for image
img_base64 = generated_image["image_url"]["url"].split(",")[-1]

# Convert base64 string to Image
img =, "utf-8"))))

# view Image