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TOML is a file format for configuration files. It is intended to be easy to read and write, and is designed to map unambiguously to a dictionary. Its specification is open-source. TOML is implemented in many programming languages. The name TOML is an acronym for "Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language" referring to its creator, Tom Preston-Werner.

If you need to load Toml files, use the TomlLoader.

from langchain_community.document_loaders import TomlLoader
API Reference:TomlLoader
loader = TomlLoader("example_data/fake_rule.toml")
rule = loader.load()
[Document(page_content='{"internal": {"creation_date": "2023-05-01", "updated_date": "2022-05-01", "release": ["release_type"], "min_endpoint_version": "some_semantic_version", "os_list": ["operating_system_list"]}, "rule": {"uuid": "some_uuid", "name": "Fake Rule Name", "description": "Fake description of rule", "query": "process where : \\"somequery\\"\\n", "threat": [{"framework": "MITRE ATT&CK", "tactic": {"name": "Execution", "id": "TA0002", "reference": ""}}]}}', metadata={'source': 'example_data/fake_rule.toml'})]

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