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Wolfram Alpha

This notebook goes over how to use the wolfram alpha component.

First, you need to set up your Wolfram Alpha developer account and get your APP ID:

  1. Go to wolfram alpha and sign up for a developer account here
  2. Create an app and get your APP ID
  3. pip install wolframalpha

Then we will need to set some environment variables:

  1. Save your APP ID into WOLFRAM_ALPHA_APPID env variable
pip install wolframalpha
import os

os.environ["WOLFRAM_ALPHA_APPID"] = ""
from langchain_community.utilities.wolfram_alpha import WolframAlphaAPIWrapper
wolfram = WolframAlphaAPIWrapper()"What is 2x+5 = -3x + 7?")
'x = 2/5'

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