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Activeloop Deep Lake

Activeloop Deep Lake is a data lake for Deep Learning applications, allowing you to use it as a vector store.

Why Deep Lake?​

  • More than just a (multi-modal) vector store. You can later use the dataset to fine-tune your own LLM models.
  • Not only stores embeddings, but also the original data with automatic version control.
  • Truly serverless. Doesn't require another service and can be used with major cloud providers (AWS S3, GCS, etc.)

Activeloop Deep Lake supports SelfQuery Retrieval: Activeloop Deep Lake Self Query Retrieval

More Resources​

  1. Ultimate Guide to LangChain & Deep Lake: Build ChatGPT to Answer Questions on Your Financial Data
  2. Twitter the-algorithm codebase analysis with Deep Lake
  3. Here is whitepaper and academic paper for Deep Lake
  4. Here is a set of additional resources available for review: Deep Lake, Get started andΒ Tutorials

Installation and Setup​

Install the Python package:

pip install deeplake


from langchain_community.vectorstores import DeepLake
API Reference:DeepLake

See a usage example.

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