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DataForSeo provides comprehensive SEO and digital marketing data solutions via API.

This page provides instructions on how to use the DataForSEO search APIs within LangChain.

Installation and Setup​

Get a DataForSEO API Access login and password, and set them as environment variables (DATAFORSEO_LOGIN and DATAFORSEO_PASSWORD respectively).

import os

os.environ["DATAFORSEO_LOGIN"] = "your_login"
os.environ["DATAFORSEO_PASSWORD"] = "your_password"


The DataForSEO utility wraps the API. To import this utility, use:

from langchain_community.utilities.dataforseo_api_search import DataForSeoAPIWrapper
API Reference:DataForSeoAPIWrapper

For a detailed walkthrough of this wrapper, see this notebook.


You can also load this wrapper as a Tool to use with an Agent:

from langchain.agents import load_tools
tools = load_tools(["dataforseo-api-search"])
API Reference:load_tools

Example usage​

dataforseo = DataForSeoAPIWrapper(api_login="your_login", api_password="your_password")
result ="Bill Gates")

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