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This page covers how to use Fireworks models within Langchain.

Installation and setup​

  • Install the Fireworks integration package.

    pip install langchain-fireworks
  • Get a Fireworks API key by signing up at

  • Authenticate by setting the FIREWORKS_API_KEY environment variable.


There are two ways to authenticate using your Fireworks API key:

  1. Setting the FIREWORKS_API_KEY environment variable.

    os.environ["FIREWORKS_API_KEY"] = "<KEY>"
  2. Setting api_key field in the Fireworks LLM module.

    llm = Fireworks(api_key="<KEY>")

Using the Fireworks LLM module​

Fireworks integrates with Langchain through the LLM module. In this example, we will work the mixtral-8x7b-instruct model.

from langchain_fireworks import Fireworks 

llm = Fireworks(
llm("Name 3 sports.")
API Reference:Fireworks

For a more detailed walkthrough, see here.

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