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MindsDB is the platform for customizing AI from enterprise data. With MindsDB and it's nearly 200 integrations to data sources and AI/ML frameworks, any developer can use their enterprise data to customize AI for their purpose, faster and more securely.

With MindsDB, you can connect any data source to any AI/ML model to implement and automate AI-powered applications. Deploy, serve, and fine-tune models in real-time, utilizing data from databases, vector stores, or applications. Do all that using universal tools developers already know.

MindsDB integrates with LangChain, enabling users to:

  • Deploy models available via LangChain within MindsDB, making them accessible to numerous data sources.
  • Fine-tune models available via LangChain within MindsDB using real-time and dynamic data.
  • Automate AI workflows with LangChain and MindsDB.

Follow our docs to learn more about MindsDB’s integration with LangChain and see examples.

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