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This page covers how to use the Jina Embeddings within LangChain. It is broken into two parts: installation and setup, and then references to specific Jina wrappers.

Installation and Setup​

  • Get a Jina AI API token from here and set it as an environment variable (JINA_API_TOKEN)

There exists a Jina Embeddings wrapper, which you can access with

from langchain_community.embeddings import JinaEmbeddings

# you can pas jina_api_key, if none is passed it will be taken from `JINA_API_TOKEN` environment variable
embeddings = JinaEmbeddings(jina_api_key='jina_**', model_name='jina-embeddings-v2-base-en')
API Reference:JinaEmbeddings

You can check the list of available models from here

For a more detailed walkthrough of this, see this notebook

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