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This page covers how to use Metal within LangChain.

What is Metal?​

Metal is a managed retrieval & memory platform built for production. Easily index your data into Metal and run semantic search and retrieval on it.

Screenshot of the Metal dashboard showing the Browse Index feature with sample data.

Quick start​

Get started by creating a Metal account.

Then, you can easily take advantage of the MetalRetriever class to start retrieving your data for semantic search, prompting context, etc. This class takes a Metal instance and a dictionary of parameters to pass to the Metal API.

from langchain.retrievers import MetalRetriever
from metal_sdk.metal import Metal

metal = Metal("API_KEY", "CLIENT_ID", "INDEX_ID");
retriever = MetalRetriever(metal, params={"limit": 2})

docs = retriever.invoke("search term")
API Reference:MetalRetriever

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