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Golden provides a set of natural language APIs for querying and enrichment using the Golden Knowledge Graph e.g. queries such as: Products from OpenAI, Generative ai companies with series a funding, and rappers who invest can be used to retrieve structured data about relevant entities.

The golden-query langchain tool is a wrapper on top of the Golden Query API which enables programmatic access to these results. See the Golden Query API docs for more information.

Installation and Setup​



There exists a GoldenQueryAPIWrapper utility which wraps this API. To import this utility:

from langchain_community.utilities.golden_query import GoldenQueryAPIWrapper
API Reference:GoldenQueryAPIWrapper

For a more detailed walkthrough of this wrapper, see this notebook.


You can also easily load this wrapper as a Tool (to use with an Agent). You can do this with:

from langchain.agents import load_tools
tools = load_tools(["golden-query"])
API Reference:load_tools

For more information on tools, see this page.

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