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AI21 Labs

AI21 Labs is a company specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP), which develops AI systems that can understand and generate natural language.

This page covers how to use the AI21 ecosystem within LangChain.

Installation and Setup​

  • Get an AI21 api key and set it as an environment variable (AI21_API_KEY)
  • Install the Python package:
pip install langchain-ai21


See a usage example.


from langchain_ai21 import AI21LLM
API Reference:AI21LLM

AI21 Contextual Answer​

You can use AI21’s contextual answers model to receive text or document, serving as a context, and a question and return an answer based entirely on this context.

from langchain_ai21 import AI21ContextualAnswers
API Reference:AI21ContextualAnswers

Chat models​

AI21 Chat​

See a usage example.

from langchain_ai21 import ChatAI21
API Reference:ChatAI21

Embedding models​

AI21 Embeddings​

See a usage example.

from langchain_ai21 import AI21Embeddings
API Reference:AI21Embeddings

Text splitters​

AI21 Semantic Text Splitter​

See a usage example.

from langchain_ai21 import AI21SemanticTextSplitter

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