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This provider is no longer maintained, and may not work. Use with caution.

Psychic is a platform for integrating with SaaS tools like Notion, Zendesk, Confluence, and Google Drive via OAuth and syncing documents from these applications to your SQL or vector database. You can think of it like Plaid for unstructured data.

Installation and Setup​

pip install psychicapi

Psychic is easy to set up - you import the react library and configure it with your Sidekick API key, which you get from the Psychic dashboard. When you connect the applications, you
view these connections from the dashboard and retrieve data using the server-side libraries.

  1. Create an account in the dashboard.
  2. Use the react library to add the Psychic link modal to your frontend react app. You will use this to connect the SaaS apps.
  3. Once you have created a connection, you can use the PsychicLoader by following the example notebook

Advantages vs Other Document Loaders​

  1. Universal API: Instead of building OAuth flows and learning the APIs for every SaaS app, you integrate Psychic once and leverage our universal API to retrieve data.
  2. Data Syncs: Data in your customers' SaaS apps can get stale fast. With Psychic you can configure webhooks to keep your documents up to date on a daily or realtime basis.
  3. Simplified OAuth: Psychic handles OAuth end-to-end so that you don't have to spend time creating OAuth clients for each integration, keeping access tokens fresh, and handling OAuth redirect logic.

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